Friday Freebie: “Harbor Town”

Hi planner friends! I’m in a bit of a rush today because I’m getting ready to go to Florida in less than 24 hours for a much needed vacation 🏖. I’ve been traveling more than usual for work lately so the good news is that most of my things are packed (in other words, still unpacked from my previous trips 🤐). The bad news is that I’m jet lagged and I still need to do the laundry, make sure work-related issues are taken care of, etc.

“Harbor Town” is the name of this week’s freebie kit and it’s… kind of ironic that I made this weeks in advance in anticipation of my trip. (Note to self: don’t book a trip to Florida during the rainy season ☔ ) Although it looks like I won’t have a chance to go sunning–because the forecast is saying no sun! 😞–, I can still plan like I’m chillaxin’ on the beach 😎.

I hope you’re having a beautiful day, regardless of what the weather is like!

Click HERE to download the kit! You’ll be taken to my shop where you can add and checkout with the set for free! Just be sure to print the PDF at 100% scale or it won’t be sized correctly. And remember to tag me on Instagram @paperhoard if you decide to use these stickers! 💖

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