Friday Freebie: “Fishies”

Hi friends! Another Friday, another Friday Freebie. 😄

I couldn’t think of a less blah name than “Fishies” but lucky for you, this kit isn’t at all blah! I’ve been craving the water lately (even my mini-vacay to Florida hasn’t quenched the longing 🌊), so this week’s freebie planner sticker kit makes me happy.

I hope it makes you happy too! I adoooore the colorful fish and iridescent bubbles (don’t they look like pearls?) featured in this kit.

I did the thin washi strips a little differently this time (they’re the same pattern instead of being two different ones) because I’ve been getting a lot of requests for it. I really appreciate feedback from you guys because not everyone plans the same way and I want to make my freebies as universally usable as possible. 😊 So please continue to tag me in your posts! 🖐️ @PaperHoard

To download, click HERE! You’ll be taken to my shop where you can add and checkout with the set for free! Just be sure to print the PDF at 100% scale or it won’t be sized correctly. Happy planning!

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