Friday Freebie: “Puppy Love”

It’s 11:09 pm CST right now so… technically it’s still Friday!

I would have had this up sooner except I had some unexpected work issues pop up and I had to handle it out of my usual work place. I didn’t have access to a computer until now, which was super frustrating because I had everything ready to go. Ah well, better late than never, right? 😉

Click HERE to download this week’s freebie. You’ll be taken to my shop where you can add and checkout with the kit for free! Just be sure to print the PDF at 100% scale or it won’t be sized correctly. Happy planning!  💖

& don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @paperhoard if you decide to use these stickers! I love seeing everyone’s spreads. 😊

Author: dixieseoul

Hi friend! My name is Delancey and I'm a simple girl who likes fancy French desserts, old books, new shoes, and single malt scotch. I'm a serial entrepreneur who likes to make free planner stickers in my spare time. You can download planner freebies (and read about my happenings) on my blog:

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