Friday Freebie: “The Good Times”

Hi friends, happy Friday!

Let’s kick off  Labor Day weekend right with this rosé-themed weekly kit. With plenty of pinks, roses and rosé’s, this elegantly feminine kit is perfect for celebrating some “me” time (hopefully with a nice bottle of wine!).

Click HERE to download the kit! You’ll be taken to my shop where you can add and checkout with the set for free! Just be sure to print the PDF at 100% scale or it won’t be sized correctly. And don’t forget to tag me @paperhoard on Instagram so I can see your spread! I love seeing everyone’s layouts. 😊

P.S. As we head off into a long holiday weekend, please keep the victims of Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts. This is one of the biggest natural disasters in American history and every donation helps. My brother and I are donating all proceeds from our company Mienn Fragrance to disaster relief efforts, as well as from my business Sunset45 (the site is still under construction but I still get orders intermittently).

We strongly urge you to consider contributing, either by supporting small businesses that are donating or by direct donations. Our charity of choice is the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce (they have a GoFundMe page up if you’re feeling charitable), but my boyfriend and I are also big supporters of J.J. Watt’s foundation. Regardless of where you choose to donate, please check the legitimacy of the organization through independent watchdog groups like to make sure that your money is going to those in need. 💗

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