Seasonal Living / Fall Bucket List


Seasonal Living is something I learned from the always inspirational Lisamarie at Paper & Glam. In a nutshell: Seasonal Living is celebrating all the small things we tend to neglect throughout the year, like going apple picking in early Fall or making watermelon “popsicles” for National Watermelon Day. Lisamarie is all about Seasonal Living, from her home decor right down to colorful mani-pedi’s. While she creates a monthly bucket list to celebrate the little things (which you can download & print from home), that list is too much for me to stick to. Nonetheless the concept has brought along some beneficial changes for me & mine.


As someone who tends to be goal-oriented to a fault I seldom take the time to, well… live. Part of that is because of my upbringing; my family was extremely poor when we were growing up & my parents worked around the clock to support us so we didn’t “do” birthdays or holidays.

When you grow up without ever seeing a Christmas tree in your house, the idea of having specific hand soaps or wreaths for each season feels totally alien. Same goes for pumpkin carving, decorating Easter eggs & the ilk. But as I get older I’ve come to realize the importance of acknowledging milestones and occasions, & the importance of making the most of small events too.


Sometimes I’m so buried in work that I’m not fully aware of how time passes. I’m an avid planner so I look at a calendar every day but still I find myself in the middle of a month not knowing how I spent the past few weeks. Seasonal Living forces me to make time, to get out of my own head and take notice of the world around me. Baking a strawberry tart in the summertime becomes a meaningful act when you stop to truly appreciate the flavor of in-season strawberries, and that same tart becomes a nexus of happiness when shared with others.

I typically consider the following when I’m compiling my seasonal bucket lists:

My mental/emotional well-being.

I usually don’t have the spare time (or honestly speaking, the energy) to go out but if I’m feeling burned out I try to do something fun that’s also seasonally appropriate. Not only does it give me some much needed reprieve from the usual grind but it feels that much more special because of the seasonality.

My environment.

Creativity can blossom even in the most stifling of environments (ex: Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, who wrote stories while sentenced to a Siberian work camp by memorizing each line because he was denied writing materials). That said, an inspiring environment does help. A simple change of decor can renew your setting and give you a sense of starting fresh. What better time to assess & refresh your space than when the season is changing?

My hobbies.

Reading, cooking, knitting, drawing, and homebrewing are activities I enjoyed in my youth but have fallen to the wayside. By incorporating the seasonal element I can reengage with a sense of purpose. This fall I’m going to knit a wrap/travel afghan–it’s seasonally appropriate & a small enough project that I won’t feel burdened by the commitment.

My friends & family.

Seasonal Living isn’t just about you. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Celebrating the little things can bring joy to those around you, which makes the occasion that much better. Most people don’t celebrate National Ice Cream Day or Random Acts of Kindness Day so why not rope them into the fun? I bring donuts every year to work on National Donut Day and my co-workers talk about it year-round.

While Lisamarie does a monthly list, I keep it simple and stick to the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. I also try to keep the list to 10 items, no more. When I first came across the idea of Seasonal Living I tried to follow most of what was on the Paper & Glam monthly printables but I struggled with it. Keeping the list short & divided into quarterly sections is what works best for me. If you’re interested in Seasonal Living I’d strongly urge you to figure out your best setup. Just remember to keep it fun!

Below is my 2017 Fall Bucket List!

  1. Change wreaths
  2. Replace soap at work/home with fall scents
  3. Meet mom for Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  4. Bake pumpkin treats for Roxy
  5. Bake a cinnamon cheesecake
  6. Knit a wrap/travel afghan
  7. Go Christmas shopping with Ms. Pam
  8. Buy a new pair of boots
  9. Watch a scary movie with Aaron
  10. Roast (& eat!) chestnuts


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