Friday Freebie: “Night on the Sun”

It has been a long day, friends. I try to upload my freebies in the morning or afternoon but it simply wasn’t possible today.  I just got home after a 14-hour work day & looking forward to another one tomorrow(!!!) so I am pooped. 😑 Please excuse my lack of description for this week’s free printable weekly kit…

Click HERE to download! You’ll be taken to my shop where you can add and check out with the set for free! Just be sure to print the PDF at 100% scale or it won’t be sized correctly. And don’t forget to tag me @paperhoard on Instagram, I love seeing everyone’s spreads. 🌝

P.S. Aaron & I’ve been listening to a lot of our old high school faves lately which means that Modest Mouse has been in heavy rotation. If you’d like to take a listen at this kit’s musical namesake, ch-check it out HERE. One of the quotes I used in the kit is also from a Modest Mouse song, “The Stars Are Projectors”–it’s a little less accessible to the casual listener (at least up to the 1:36 mark) than “Night on the Sun” but IMHO it’s still very much worth your time.

Alright, now it’s time for me to stuff my face, take a shower & hop into bed. Hope y’all are having a good one! 😘

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