5 new things I did in 2020:

  1. Cleaned out my old office. I found a bunch of stuff from 2016-17 so that was cool, like unearthing mini time capsules. For a while I was basically living in there so I had everything from candles to Japanese Kit Kats and shoes. (Yes, I ate the Kit Kats.)
  2. Bought eggs in bulk. 18 dozen(!) during the shortage in March/April, because all of the grocery stores were out and I could only find eggs at restaurant suppliers.
  3. Dabbled in stocks instead of mindlessly purchasing Visa & Amazon every month. Dan put me onto a few gems, including APXT, a SPAC I really should have bought more of.
  4. Learned how to code in Swift and made a few crappy apps for fun. I still have a lot to learn but I’m thankful that some good came out of work being shut down earlier this year.
  5. Put up a proper Christmas tree on my own for the first time ever–three, in fact!

Also, I’ve been journaling daily since the 3rd grade but this is the first year I didn’t. I stopped writing in April then never picked the pen back up. Need to get back into the habit.

5 new things to do in 2020:

  1. Blog every week. Can’t believe my last post was in freaking January. I’ve been meaning to blog since 2008 and ugh, just do it. Write whatever. Even if it’s crap. Make time every week.
  2. Get my hair back. I used to have really thick hair. Pretty sure it started thinning because of work stress. I completely shaved my head last year because why not YOLO. It seems a little thicker but nowhere close to what it used to be. The plan: minoxidil + scalp microneedling + vitamins.
  3. Live like Martha Stewart. I have the 2021 Martha Manual calendar & Martha Stewart’s Organizing manual. This is the year I get it together–Martha take the wheel!
  4. Restart my business. I’m counting this as a “new” thing because I’ve never re-started a business. I still have my day job but if 2020 has taught me anything it’s that you can always squeeze out extra time if you really want it.
  5. Inbox to ZERO. Right now it’s staring down 23,110 emails. A good chunk of that is online order confirmations/shipping notifications though, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Still, it’s something I’ve been putting off for years and seems like an easy “gimme” goal.

…More interesting stuff next time, I swear.

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