“It’s a Good Thing until you discover a better thing.” -Martha Stewart

January To Do List from Martha’s Organizing (modified):

-reevaluate healthy habits (food, exercise, mindfulness, social)
-finish thank you notes for holiday/New Year’s gifts
-go over presents log & reorganize gift closet
-review financial plan for the year (personal + business)
-put away all decorations
-schedule health/wellness appointments for the year
-schedule vet appointments
-clean & organize the pantry
-check expirations on documents (passport, etc.)
-organize photos/camera roll

Things I need to start doing on a monthly basis:

-schedule fitness classes
-schedule skincare appointments

So much of being a grown up is repetition, and it seems like the measure of adult success is metered by how efficiently we can repeat various (often rote) tasks. …Did you know that in Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotions “boredom” is under the same spectrum as “disgust” and “loathing”? 👈 That’s mildly interesting and I did promise more interesting stuff this time.

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